“I was only trying to help.”

Because he’s a Lannister, he has to pay his debt. This dog owes me about Php 89 for the shoe polish.

Joey is a Red

Yesterday afternoon, I came home to a quiet apartment and a dog that was happy to see me. Everything was normal except there were black stains on the floor. I couldn’t really tell what the stains were. First I thought they were remnants of dog poop, but they were jet black and flat on the floor like paint. Later, my girlfriend dispelled the mystery – it was shoe polish.

I’ve read about it a lot of times on books about raising dogs – when they get bored, they become destructive. I don’t know how Lord Hitchens did it, but he managed to get the shoe polish from where we kept it, remove the cap, and have himself a party. The stains weren’t just on the floor, too. There were stains his bed and on his beautiful, bright gold coat.


So, as any responsible pet-parent would do, I sat my three-month…

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